About Donations

Sizzle Pie is a big fan of you and is committed to supporting causes that align with our vision and guiding principles. We love to support our local community and are proud of the fact that we donate thousands of dollars worth of delicious pizza every year.

We receive hundreds of donation requests every month and because we cannot support every worthy organization, we ask that you allow us time to get back with you. We need a minimum of 14 days to evaluate all requests in order to determine whether they are in accordance with our budget, schedule and values. Please allow us the time it takes to get back to you.

We do not accept cash or check donation requests. Sizzle Pie loves the community and we want to give them what we know best.....PIZZA! 

Helpful Information

  • A large 18” pizza serves 3-4 hungry adults.
  • We require a 14 days minimum advance notice for all donations.
  • Sizzle Pie strongly recommends pickup for all donations.
Please be specific, we need to know which location is nearest you.
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What date are you looking to schedule a donation from Sizzle Pie?
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...and by pies, we mean PIZZA!
Sizzle Pie takes pride in our Employees' hard work, we strongly encourage a 20% gratuity charge on the value of your donation. Is your organization willing to accomodate our gratuity request? *